adan ([info]triggered) wrote in [info]spaceports, @ 2021-03-26 23:59:00 Previous Entry Add to memories! Edit Entry Edit Tags Track This Next Entry Entry tags: adan r'shogga, exavyera ala'al no diggity adan + OPEN March 27, 2658 winlock park Experience lead to opportunities. Opportunities lead to a grander life. A place for hopes, dreams, realistic ideals, and riches. Terminus was a gateway all on it's own, due to it's position, yes, but for so many other components. A private facilitated hub for trade and a yearning for bigger and better things from anyone that sets foot here. A melting pot of it's own, between humans of this system and every traveler that may find means for a pit stop. Private lessons had been acquired early on to become an easy member of this new lifestyle. To understand and entertain possible customers and work partners alike. From the areas spanning from that of cuisine to design and even personal shoppers. Having been living here for a positive year, he felt as though he could spread out his wings, so to speak. Search out new opportunities, and find himself more at ease. Terminus was nothing like home, and there were these moments where he missed all that was there behind him. But this was home, now, or for however long he held this position, at the very least. Taking a walk through Winlock Park, it held as part of Adan's casual spots to settle and people watch. Part of his regular activities, to integrate himself even more into this cusp of the universe and his own grand design. Music was thrumming through his ears, a beat established enough to change his own walk. Steps holding a swagger of their own. Some of the lyrics were more than catchy, but enough for him to have recalled the song on more than one occasion. His current one leaving him having a little extra fun with it. "Baby, you're a perfect ten, I wanna get in. Can I get down so I can win? I like the way you work it." Adan hadn't realized anyone was paying attention or perhaps they didn't know the song, but as the person in front of him turned around, he was faced with an uncertain moment. Had he done something wrong? Would this be a moment where he found himself slapped in the face? Would that be exciting? Instead of asking the question his expression seemed to pose, he only waited to see how this would turn out. (Post a new comment) [info]medlock 2021-03-29 02:13 am UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select Winlock Park was the place that X most often found herself when she was feeling disconnected. Observing people gave her a sense of purpose, like she was actually gaining something from studying the small details of interactions. Gestures. Expressions. Even the distance people kept between their bodies. It all mattered in the way that they fit together, not just one on one but as a whole. It was all some big delicate balance. Terminus was a world of conflicting social dynamics and X still had so many things to learn about fitting in. Normally, she would be leading with this sense of attention to detail as she made her way through the park but today she was distracted. Her mind was playing through a number of things, none of which were on the walking path before her. Even her outward appearance was uncharacteristically disheveled - paint clinging in specks throughout her long dark hair, burrowed into the beds of her fingernails despite her hands having been scrubbed clean, streaked across the faded denim that covered her thighs. Signs of an enthusiastic worker, if not a skilled one. She was almost entirely unaware of her surroundings. Almost. One line of a certain song cut in between her thoughts so seamlessly that it might have been easy enough to believe it was all in her head. Except. It wasn’t. She had distinctly heard a voice singing. She turned sharply to seek out the source of the voice only to find a man standing almost directly behind her. “Is there more where that came from?” she asked, a curious smile tugging at her lips, “I don’t know a lot of Earth songs but I swear it sounds familiar.” She’d recently done a fair bit of research into the subject in preparation for a night of karaoke with friends. (Reply to this)(Thread) [info]triggered 2021-04-04 03:22 am UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select The smile that she gave was contagious, as his own broadened. That didn't stop him from questioning how this was about to turn out. Not until her full response was more appreciative and less for the sake of moving in to cause trouble. She appeared human, so this took an interesting turn on it's own. But weren't most here? That was how it seemed. Gazing down at his communicator, he made sure to set it so that it played through it's own speaker, allowing her to hear the rest of the song too. The sound not too loud though, not wanting to disturb the world of Terminus that seemed to swirl around them. "Isn't that such an oddity? Old Earth?" Or that was how he had heard it enough times. "Was there ever a New Earth? Or some continuation of Earth 2.0? Has there ever been some Earth Jr. to continue the spawn of?" The thought had occurred to him for some time, but only being able to really air it now, as it became part of conversation and not of some lesson. "No Diggity. It's very catchy isn't it? I never heard anything like it until I came here. I love to experiment with the music tastes. The variety is like nothing else." Adan nodded before reaching a hand out. That was the way of the culture or at least business one that he had ever known. "But forgive me for my rudeness. I'm Adan." (Reply to this)(Parent) (Thread) [info]medlock 2021-04-04 04:15 am UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select Although X took a moment to ponder the question he had posed, it was impossible for her to keep from bopping her head along with the beat of the song. It was definitely one that had come up in her searching and at points she almost felt inclined to sing along. Instead though, when she opened her mouth an unexpected hint of cynicism reared its head. “I’m pretty sure this is Earth 2.0,” she pointed out, her tone light without carrying any bitterness to the words, “I mean this is where the humans all went when they left, right? Sometimes they act like the only ones here still.” It was unlike her to speak such a strong observation to someone she hadn’t even properly met but somehow it managed to slip out in spite of herself. Thankfully, there wasn’t much time to linger on the subject as the song played on and he spoke the name of it, matching up with the repeated lyrics. “It’s so interesting, right?” she chattered on now, her usual enthusiasm returned, “There’s so much to choose from! I’d never heard anything like it either but I’ve been doing some digging into different styles too. For karaoke. Have you ever done that? I feel like you would like it.” It may have been a forward assumption but for someone who she’d discovered singing out loud in the park, it felt like a fair one to make. The offer of his hand confused her for a second, though it only took a moment’s thought to catch up. Not too many people in her sphere here on Terminus were the handshake type. Her crew certainly wasn’t so formal and at the hospital most people were in too much of a rush for such introductions. “You can call me X,” she told him, her smile wider now and easy to read as genuine, “it is lovely to meet you. Do you come to the park often?” (Reply to this)(Parent)